Victorious: Mustache Mayhem photo album

  • Rule of Thumb
    When it comes to superb 'staches, Drake Bell knows the scruffier, the better!
  • Hair We Go!
    With the cast clad in 'staches, everyone's ready to get their prank on.
  • Don't Sweat the Small Scruff
    Even though we're putting silly 'staches on these stars, they don't seem to mind one bit.
  • Bristle Brothers
    Beck and Andre round out their smooth seventies-dude duds with a pair of super suave 'staches.
  • Let the Games Begin
    When this game started, this Hollywood Arts crew was clean shaven. Now they're feelin' fuzzy!
  • Gentleman Jade
    "Why I don't know sir, I simply woke up this way!"