Victorious: Tori Fixes Beck & Jade photo album

  • Ladies Man
    Even when he's just loungin' around, Beck looks cooler than ever!
  • Four's Company
    When Andre, Beck, Cat, and Robbie get together, you know it's gonna be a good time.
  • Ladies Night
    Tori, Trina, and Cat: All beautiful and all (well, mostly) good singers!
  • Got Get 'Em
    Tori looks ready to work her magic on stage and off.
  • Cheese
    Beck and Tori are all smiles cause these guys are true friends!
  • Strike a Pose
    The infamous Jade is...smiling?! Something big must have happened!
  • Reunited
    That explains it, Beck works his magic and (somehow) cheers her up!
  • In the Spotlight
    Can't wait to hear this songstress rock out on stage!
  • Ja-ck? Be-de?
    No way, are Beck and Jade really back together?!
  • In Harmony
    Looks like this solo just became a duet.
  • See It My Way
    Have these star-crossed singers worked it out?
  • Belt One Out
    Jade gets super intense on stage, sing it sister!
  • What a Cat-ch
    You can always rely on cat for some cute comedy!