Victorious: Tori Goes Platinum photo album

  • Ready to Roll
    Victoria Justice gives the signal that she's ready to start the scene! The sooner the better, 'cause we can't wait to watch!
  • Tori Transforms
    Woah! This Platinum star is kicking her look up a notch, and we have a feeling it's not the craziest outfit we'll see...
  • Hair 'n Makeup
    Victoria might not be used to her new 'do, but she looks like she's having fun with it!
  • Hot Pink Princess
    She might look warm and fuzzy, but Tori's bringing some major sass to the set in this outfit!
  • Makeover Madness
    Victoria's probably been in the dressing room more times than ever for this super special ep of Victorious!
  • Cuddly Kiss
    Victoria gives Matt Bennett a platinum kiss!
  • GaGa Gillies
    Victoria isn't the only one having fun in the dressing room! Liz Gillies looks like she got the Lady Gaga treatment -- just look at that 'do!
  • Girl Shot
    These girls are so glamorous! Though one of them sticks out for some reason...
  • Sci-Fine Dining
    Yet ANOTHER makeover makes Victoria look pretty futuristic!
  • Feelin' the Beat
    Ariana Grande does a little dancin' in the Platinum Music Awards producer's office, not too shabby!
  • Messy Surprise
    Producer Mason Thornesmith shows up at an awkward time to give Tori some good news!
  • Hallway Hangin'
    Ariana looks a little uncertain..she probs just saw one of Victoria's new outfits.
  • Pink Pout
    Tori looks like she just heard some bad news! Maybe the teacher told her she isn't dressed 'appropriately' for class?
  • Finishing Touches
    Liz makes sure her makeup (and hair-pipe?) look just right for the cameras!
  • Diner Drama
    Uh oh, is Tori's new look starting to give her a diva complex? You'll have to watch and find out!