Winx: A Magix Christmas photo album

  • Say What?
    The Winx girls have never heard of Christmas?! Can Bloom show her friends the meaning of the season?
  • Hold Up
    The Trix are up to no good, AGAIN! Why are they after 'Christmas Magic'?
  • Season's Fleetings
    Bloom is on her way to Gardenia to spend time with her family, but she'll definitely miss Sky!
  • Biting Cold
    Icy and her sisters unleased some ice dragons on Alfea! Can the Winx beat them and save Bloom's Christmas?
  • Christmas Tears
    Doesn't look like Bloom will be home for Christmas and her family is worried.
  • Now Freeze!
    Alfea has been iced and no one can leave. The Winx need to find the source of this black magic!
  • Snowed In
    Bloom is stuck which means she can't make it home to Gardenia, have the Trix won?
  • Go Christmas!
    Even though she can't go home, Christmas can be anywhere when you have great friends like the Winx!
  • No way!
    The Source of the dark magic is coming from inside Alfea and the Trix could be anywhere!
  • Ho Ho Ho?
    Well the Winx girls certainly tried to bring X-mas to bloom, but did they succeed?
  • Doom and Gloom
    The Trix have finally revealed themselves and they're not leaving without the secret to Bloom's Christmas magic!
  • Just Warming Up
    There's no way Bloom is going to let those Trix ruin X-mas for her and her friends!
  • White Christmas
    You can never lose the Christmas spirit when it's in your heart!
  • Together Again
    Since Bloom couldn't make it home for the holidays, they brought her home to Magix!
  • Spreading Cheer
    Lights? Check! Snow? Check! Santa Hats? Check! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
  • The Most Wonderful Time
    Looks like Bloom spread Holiday spirit all over Magix!