Winx Club: Beyond Believix photo album

  • Musa Melody
    Musa's back with more magical melodies!
  • Magic in the Distance
    Bloom catches something mystical on the horizon...Are you ready to explore?
  • The Lilo
    The Winx Girls need to make sure they find this freaky flower that gives off strange powers by sunset before someone else does!
  • Return of the Trix
    Uh oh, the Winx aren't the only fairies after the Lilo!
  • Lost Lilo
    The Lilo is found! But will the girls be able to get it from Macy?
  • Quick!
    Can Flora feel where the lost Lilo is hiding? She better hurry before the Trix get to it!
  • Trix Trouble
    The Trix are up to no good on their mission to get the Lilo before the girls.
  • Tricky Trix
    Oh no! The Trix got to Macy, but can the Winx girls save her in time?
  • Time to Shine
    Bloom and her friends will protect the Lilo at all costs so they can plant it in time!
  • Not on Her Watch!
    When it comes to plants, Flora's got the power!
  • Teamwork
    With Stella and Aisha lending their powers, this team will trap the Trix in no time.
  • Comin' At Ya!
    Bloom and her friends can't wait to get the Lilo out of harm's way, but first they need to save Macy!
  • Time to Go
    After Mitzi Rescues Macy from the Trix, the Winx girls need to make sure they get away!
  • Taking Root
    After falling through the air, the Lilo has miraculously made it safe and sound into the ground!
  • What's This?
    The Lilo unleashes great power when planted in the ground, but how will the Winx girls stop the Trix from getting it?
  • Uh Oh!
    The Trix harnessed the Lilo's power! Can the Winx fend them off?
  • Flower Power
    The Lilo's power is safe as long as the Winx girls are around.
  • Riding the Rainbow
    The Winx Club saved the Lilo, thanks to the power of Believix!
  • Next Adventure
    If you want to join the Winx Club on their next adventure, stay tuned for more episodes!
  • Under the Sea
    The fairies are unstoppable on land, air, and sea!
  • 3, 2, 1...
    It's adventure time!
  • Cute Creatures
    The girls are getting some extra-adorable help from some wonderful sea creatures!