Winx: Tecna the Robot photo album

  • Recap
    Last time we saw the Winx Club, Sky's memory had been erased after he was hit trying to protect Bloom. Also, the Trix teamed up with Tritannus and are after the powerful Sirenix book! Who will find it first?
  • All Is Not Lost
    Tecna informs the girls that she may be able to use her knowledge of technology to locate the Sirenix book!
  • Heart Ache
    Bloom is still distraught over Sky's memory loss. How can he not remember the one he loves?
  • Troublesome Twosome
    Stormy and Tritannus have teamed up in order to find the ancient Sirenix book and become more powerful! This can't be good for the Winx Club...
  • Lost and Not Found
    The Winx girls try everything they can to heal Sky's memory, but it's not use. It seems like there's something he doesn't want to remember...
  • She's Got it!
    With the help of Timmy, Tecna has perfected her search program to find the powerful Sirenix book in the archives!
  • Shocking
    Looks like something or someone is meddling with Tecna's phone! It could only be...
  • The Trix!
    The terrible threesome are at it again and have sabotaged Tecna's phone! How will the girls find the Sirenix book now?
  • Search Party
    The girls have made it to the archives but will Tecna's smarts be enough to find the right book?
  • Misson Accomplished?
    Tecna's phone has located what looks to be the Sirenix book, but why is it surrounded by negative energy?
  • Oh no!
    After opening the book, Tecna gets transformed into a robot! But why?
  • Girl Power
    Can the Winx club save Tecna and turn her back to normal? Or will their fairy friend be stuck as a robot forever?
  • Friend or Foe?
    The girls need to use their powers to stop Tecna the robot before she destroys the whole archive!
  • Saved!
    After destroying her cursed phone, Tecna is back to normal! But now that the archive is destroyed, how will the Winx find the real Sirenix Book?
  • Finders Keepers
    Turns out Tecna's invention worked out after all! The girls have found the real Sirenix book!, but are they brave enough to open it?
  • The Search Begins
    Tritannus has set his sights on Bloom's sister Daphne! Can Bloom save her or will she perish like the rest of Tritannus's victims?
  • Sneak Peak
    Before the girls can save Daphne, they need to open the Sirenix book. But how can they do that without finding the magical creature who can grant them another power? Find out on the next episode of Winx Club!