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        Winx: The Shadow Phoenix photo album

        • Meet The Pixies
          The Pixies are adorable and powerful little friends. Looks like the fairies found new besties!
        • Aisha To The Rescue
          Aisha, a new fairy at Alfea College, sweeps the pixies in her arms and attempts to rescue them from an evil wizard.
        • Watch Out Aisha!
          Looks like rescuing the pixies won't be as easy as she thought!
        • Lord Darkar Appears
          The very powerful and diabolical wizard won't Aisha take the pixies from him before his master plan is fulfilled. What could it be?!
        • Living in a Bubble
          The Pixies are at the mercy of the Lord Darkar until someone can help them.
        • Ailing Aisha
          The Winx Club finds Aisha wounded and scared in the woods and jump at the chance to help a fellow fairy.
        • Sad Stormy
          The usually loud and dark Stormy looks a little subdued after being banished. Will it last?
        • A Surprise Visit
          Woah! An unexpected visitor helps free The Trix!
        • The Trix Are Back
          The evil trio is free to wreck havoc and now they are stronger than ever!
        • They're Off!
          The Winx Club travel to Lord Darkar's fortress to find the pixies.
        • Reunited With The Enemy
          The Trix give the fairies an evil welcome to the fortress.
        • Bloom's Pixie Pal
          Bloom meets and bonds with her Pixie. So cute!
        • Stella's Sweet Pixie
          Stella's all smiles to meet her new mini friend.
        • Musa MMusa and her pixie strike the right note and become fast friends.
        • Pixie Party
          With the fairies and pixies together, nothing can bring them down!
        • Picture Perfect
          Who sent Flora this lovely drawing of her? Does she have a secret admirer?
        • Redfountain Revamped!
          Redfountain School gets a complete makeover after the Trix tore the school down.
        • Stormy's Revenge
          Uh oh! Looks like Stormy's not holding back on the pixies. Watch out!
        • Who's Avalon?
          The new teacher at Alfea and Bloom are getting along magically.
        • Winx Power!
          The fairies are ready to transform and kick some major butt!
        • Evil Bloom
          Cast under a spell, Bloom is now under the control of Lord Darkar. Can Bloom break the spell before it's too late?
        • Bloom's Last Effort
          Bloom summons the forces to complete the last steps of Lord Darkar's plans.