Winx: The Shimmering Shells photo album

  • A Powerful Bond
    Aisha meets and bonds with Lemmy, and she leads them to the cove of Shimmering Shells! But will the girls be able to successfully navigate the treacherous labyrinth?
  • Murky Depths
    Uh-oh! It looks like the pollution Tritannus caused may be too much for the Winx!
  • Vicious Visions
    Sky doesn't love Bloom? That can't be true!
  • Icky illusions
    Stella won't fulfill her dream of becoming a fashion designer? No way!
  • Dreadful Dream
    Naboo blames Aisha? It looks like these visions are causing self-doubt for the girls!
  • Finally
    The Shimmering Shells have opened! This must be good news for the Winx!
  • Help Wanted
    The girls need to ask the guardian of Sirenix for help solving a seemingly impossible riddle!
  • Unwelcome Visitor
    What is Tritannus up to at the gate to the ocean of Solaria? Can Stella protect her home?
  • Toxic Tricks
    Is that pollution pouring into Gardenia's waters? What will Bloom do?
  • Search Party
    Aisha, Flora, and Stella have reached the ocean of Solaria. Can they find what they're looking for?
  • A Slight Chill
    Can the powers of Harmonix help the girls hold their own against the Trix? They need to stop that pollution!
  • Run for Cover
    This shield looks like it will come in handy for the girls! But what happened to Flora?
  • Rock Collecting
    The Winx may have completed one challenge, but that just means another one isn't far away!
  • Sneak Peek!
    The Winx are brought to Musa's homeland to find the gem of empathy. Will they succeed?