Winx: Trix Trick photo album

  • Suffering Sister
    The Trix are torturing Daphne into telling them how to get Sirenix!
  • On Your Mark
    It's the annual Windrider competition! Which one of the specialists will win?
  • Forgetful Face
    Sky used to be the best wind rider at Red Foutain, but that was before he lost his memory...
  • Up to Something
    What trouble are the Trix causing at Alfea? It looks like they're after Bloom!
  • Closer to Victory
    A clue for the 3rd gem! The Winx need to find the Flower of the Depths, but they'll need a lot of courage.
  • Nice Kitties
    The Trix interrupted the tournament with their monsters! How can the Winx fight them and complete the Sirenix quest?
  • Evil Triumphs
    Tritannus made his way to Linphea, now he's even closer to the infinite ocean!
  • Wild Flowers
    Stella, Flora, and Musa made their way to the ocean of flowers... but what about carnivorous plants?
  • Saviour
    Flora bonded with Daisiree and she got her powers back!
  • Cat Fight
    The lions are coming right toward Bloom! Hope Sky has a plan...
  • Flower Power
    They found the Flower of the Depths, but it only answers to courage!
  • Go Green?
    Tritannus' pollutants have transformed the flower and the girls are in trouble.
  • Regrowth
    Flora undid the flower's dark magic, and they're even closer to the Gem of Courage!
  • Get Ready
    The Trix are attacking Bloom and Sky! Can their friends save them?
  • Sneak Peek
    To obtain the final gem, the Winx need to overcome their fears. Can they do it?