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        Winx: The Battle of Magix photo album

        • The Icebreaker
          Oh no! Bloom's parents rush to her aid as Bloom attempts to fight the Trix on her own.
        • Ice Ice Baby
          The Trix may have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, but it looks like ice may be their weapon of choice.
        • Frenemies Forever
          Could Riven trust the Trix? Looks like he's gotten himself into quite a pickle!
        • Magical Match
          Sky and Bloom team up together to battle the Trix but will it work?
        • Underground Mission
          No one knows the tunnels and the secrets passageways better than Nut!
        • Take Off!
          Bloom and Sky suit up for the ultimate battle. To Alfea!
        • Face To Face
          The two headmistresses welcome each other as they wait for the epic battle to begin.
        • A Lover's Squirrel
          Sky and Bloom take a small detour en route to Alfea.
        • Pumpkin To Princess
          Stella concentrates really hard to turn this pumpkin into a...
        • Fierce Fairy!
          Bloom has had enough of the Trix's bullying ways! It's time to take them down.
        • Fairies Unite!
          One by one all the fairies jump to help Bloom in the biggest fight in the magical dimension.
        • Watch Out!
          And the battle begins! Will this be the end for the Magic Dimension?