Nick Stars Volunteer: Visiting School In Washington photo album

  • Leon Love
    Lean Thomas chats with a fan while signing an autograph. Can we have one too?
  • Grande Smiles
    There are always Grande smiles when ever Ariana is around! Just ask this fan!
  • Break Time
    Leon and the rest of the gang take a break and relax for a quick minute. Don't take too long guys!
  • Deep Thoughts
    Leon Thomas looks a little lost in this thoughts. We wonder what is on his mind!
  • Monet-Lisa Smile
    Daniella Monet smiles big for the camera. So pretty!
  • Not-So-Jade
    Liz Gillies is lookin' super sweet in this pic, unlike her character on Victorious, Jade.
  • Suprise!
    These stars were not ready for this pic. But they are still lookin' fab while they wait to sign some more autographs!
  • Fashion On Fire
    Ariana always knows how shine. Her fiery red hair and adorable headband compliment her sweet smile!
  • Ready To Go
    Pen in hand, Matt is ready to sign some autographs and meet some fans. Hey, where's Rex??
  • Handy Pics
    Liz and Leon hand their fans pics of the Victorious crew after they put their official John Hancock on it!
  • Victorious
    Victoria Justice flashes her pearly whites for the camera before her meet and greet with fans.
  • Group Shot!
    The whole crew from Victorious came together for a group shot before meeting with the kids of Duke Ellington.
  • Keke Smiles
    Keke Palmer made a group of girls smile big when she snapped a pic with them while she visited. Theres no sad faces here! Photo: Calvin Harris
  • Good Times
    These middle school girls were shining like stars when Keke stopped by for the day. Photo: Calvin Harris