Worldwide Day of Play: Behind the Scenes Pics photo album

  • Skater Boys
    The boys of BTR are ready to get cruisin' on these sweet skateboards. Ollie away, guys!
  • Safety First!
    It looks like Carlos' helmet trend is catching on!
  • Goaaal!
    Leon Thomas has got some serious soccer skills. This straight shot was nothin' but net!
  • Sneak Peek
    While behind the scenes at the WWDOP shoot, we caught Victoria strapping on some sweet sneaks.
  • In Full Swing
    It looks like Victoria's ready to swing into action at this year's WWDOP. Are you?
  • Yoga-nna Love It!
    Chillaxing with some yoga alongside Victoria Justice? This is gonna be the best day, EVER!
  • And Their Off!
    The Supah Ninjas crew are racing to get to WWDOP...Literally!
  • Goal Keepers
    Think you can score a goal against Daniella and Leon? Well, you just might have to prove it!
  • To the Beach!
    These boarding buds are ready for some sea-cruisin' action. Surfs up!
  • Surf Slang
    Gimme five for that awesome hang ten! We've got this surfer lingo down pat...
  • Paddle Pals
    All this ferocious paddling is totally worth that perfect wave.
  • Causing A Racket
    Nathan and Jennette might be getting into some on-court quarrels (per usual). But it's all in good fun!
  • You Got Served!
    Nathan Kress was acing the competition during this on-screen tennis match. Look out Serena!
  • Home Stretch
    One more stretch for Keke Palmer, and it'll be time to throw on her game face.
  • On the Move
    These Supah Ninjas are ready to high-kick into high gear!
  • Ex-cess-ercize
    Cruising on surf boards makes for a perfect work out. They also make fine hats...