Power Rangers Super Megaforce

What's your favorite Ranger gadget?
What's your favorite Ranger gadget?
For as long as evil has threatened the Earth, there have been teams of Power Rangers sworn to protect it.

The Power Rangers Super Megaforce are the planet's newest defenders. Hand selected by Gosei, an ancient guardian of the human world, the Power Rangers Super Megaforce are a creative crew who do it all, from science to photography to BMX biking.

Troy Burrows (The Red Ranger) is the leader of the Rangers and he’s not afraid to show it! Noah Carver (The Blue Ranger) may be a techie, but his wits make a fierce weapon against Earth's alien invaders. Emma Goodall (The Pink Ranger) is totally in tune with nature and always on the lookout to protect the environment. Pretty, personable, and a powerful martial arts fighter, Gia Moran (The Yellow Ranger) is as intelligent as she is confident. And Jake Holling (The Green Ranger) is out-going, optimistic, fun-loving and fearless when it comes to both the battlefield and all social situations.

These talented teens are also the toughest martial artists of their generation, and they will stop at nothing to shut down any villains like Vrak who stand in their path. Go Super Megaforce, go!