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Wendell & Vinnie Quizzes | Wendell & Vinnie Quiz: Are You a Wendell or a Vinnie?

Wendell & Vinnie Quiz: Are You a Wendell or a Vinnie?

Are you the mature one in the room when your friends want to try super-gluing silly stuff? Or, the guy with his hands super glued to his knees? Whether you're lovably nerdy like Wendell, or a laid back video-game fanatic like Vinnie, this quiz will get to the bottom of it. Find out which Wendell & Vinnie character you're like, right now!

Tags: jerry trainorwendell and vinniebuddy handlesonwendell & vinnie

  • Get ready for a breakfast of champions! What are you grubbing on?

  • Your friends would best describe you as:

  • What's your favorite downtime activity?

  • What's makes you nervous?

  • At a party, you'd be the one to...

  • The worst thing with the world today is...

  • What do you think is an awesome gift?

  • Who do you idolize?

  • In a game of trivia, what category are you acing?

  • What's the greatest thing about you?

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