Quizzes | Are You Right for Eli?

Are You Right for Eli?

Not everyone has what it takes to date a guy like Degrassi's Eli Goldsworthy. Do you? Take the quiz.

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  • You're meeting a friend for coffee at 3pm. At 3:30, your friend still hasn't shown up, and your phone hasn't buzzed. You'll probably:

  • If a friend reads your creative writing assignment and gives you some harsh (but honest) feedback, do you think you'll be able to handle it?

  • If you were going to skip class (not that you ever would, of course), it'd probably be because:

  • Can you talk about religion with someone who completely disagrees with your personal views?

  • You overhear an acquaintance saying something obnoxious about you. Is there any chance you might become good friends with this person someday?

  • If one of your good friends is in a gloomy mood, you're more likely to:

  • If you found out that a friend had a serious problem -- like hoarding -- how would you handle it?

  • What frustrates you the most?

  • OK, seriously... the hearse? Would you really want to ride around in a hearse?


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