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Marvin Marvin: Big Time Marvin Trivia

Attention all BTR and Marvin Marvin fans! It's time to get those brain juices flowing by testing your knowledge of Big Time Marvin. Think you know all the deets? Take this big time trivia quiz to see how much you really know!

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  • What bug is Marvin allergic to?

  • Where did the Klerg BTR send the real BTR?

  • What type of gas paralyzes the Klerg?

  • What type of sandwich does Henry use to trick the security guard?

  • What is the Klerg's favorite food?

  • What is the name of Marvin's hologram?

  • What do the BTR impostors call the high general?

  • What contest does Marvin win for BTR tickets?

  • What BTR song exposes Marvin as an alien?

  • What is the last song BTR sings in the episode?

  • What city do the Forman's live in and the place where BTR performs?

  • What material is weird Wendy's sweater made out of?

  • How does Marvin's hologram prevent Liz, Bob and Pop Pop from leaving the house?

  • Who do the Klerg mistake as the Klootonian?

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