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Big Time Rush Quizzes | Big Time Rush Quiz: Are You a James and Kendall Expert?

Big Time Rush Quiz: Are You a James and Kendall Expert?

While all the boys of BTR are super close, there’s no doubt that the bromance between James and Kendall make these two the perfect friends. Each has a unique personality that makes their friendship just about flawless, so why not take the quiz and find out how much you know about this dynamic duo?

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  • When the boys all get a $5,000 bonus, what does James immediately buy?

  • On their indoor camping trip, Kendall describes the boys as “men of the ___”

  • When BTR is stuck in traffic and shoot a music video on their tour bus, what is James juggling?

  • Which one of Kendall’s old flames does James try to woo?

  • A valuable lesson both Kendall and James learned was…

  • When Kendall lied to Jo about being in the elevator with Lucy, what caught on fire?

  • When Kendall is trying to defend himself against Lucy, he tells her that they ‘never went out’ and only had half of a ____?

  • James tries to create good publicity for BTR by pretending he performed with WHICH pop princess?

  • When it comes to bloopers, James takes the cake for most times _____

  • Kendall and James agree that the guys need to break the record for the fastest…?

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