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Big Time Rush Quizzes | Big Time Rush Quiz: Are You a Carlos Pena Pro?

Big Time Rush Quiz: Are You a Carlos Pena Pro?

We know Carlos as the funny, wild child on BTR, but he's got lots more layers beneath all the jokes and giggles! Find out how well you know the true Carlos with this super hard trivia quiz!

Tags: james maslowbig time rushCarlos PenaLogan HendersonKendall Schmidt

  • Carlos made his first TV appearance on what show?

  • Who is Carlos's celebrity crush?

  • Where was Carlos born?

  • Carlos has a black belt in what martial art?

  • What sport team was Carlos a part of for three years in high school?

  • When is Carlos's birthday?

  • Carlos's kitchen specialty is what food?

  • At what age did Carlos start acting?

  • Carlos's parents come from what two Hispanic countries?

  • Who of the following is one of Carlos's acting inspirations?

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