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Big Time Rush Quizzes | Big Time Rush Quiz: Are You a Rush Buff?

Big Time Rush Quiz: Are You a Rush Buff?

Sure, you may have watched (and re-watched) Big Time Rush so much that you know every episode by heart, but how well do you know the boys when they're off the set?? Do you know their fave vaycay activity, or who the 'neat freak' of the band is? Prove that you're the ultimate BTR buff by taking this quiz!

Tags: james maslowbig time rushCarlos PenaLogan HendersonKendall Schmidt

  • What was BTR's first single?

  • All of the following are BTR albums except...

  • BTR won which Kid's Choice Award in 2012?

  • Who is the "neat freak" of the group while they are on tour?

  • BTR sang the national anthem during what NFL game?

  • When the boys aren't on tour, they like planning what kind of trips?

  • What 90's boys band is BTR's favorite?

  • The BTR boys are all HUGE fans of what book/movie phenomenon?

  • What BTR song are these lyrics from: "All of us geeks, freaks, and wannabe's singing ayo...!"

  • BTR has performed with all of these artists except...

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