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Big Time Rush Quizzes | Big Time Rush Quiz: What's BTR’s Next Epic Concert Venue?

Big Time Rush Quiz: What's BTR’s Next Epic Concert Venue?

Big Time Rush has brought their epic performances to nearly every corner of the earth, and they're running out of venues. So, we're thinking the boys should take their tunes to the Nick universe! Do you think they should rule the Fairly World, or perhaps party with Patrick? Take this quiz to discover BTR's next epic concert venue!

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  • It’s the day of the concert, and you need to dress to impress! What outfit do you wear?

  • The boys are still rehearsing for their epic performance! What do you do while you're waiting?

  • Your parents just said you’re grounded, on the day of the show! What do you do?

  • Oh no, you have a test to take on the day of the concert! What do you do?

  • Show's over, but you wanna get backstage to meet the guys! How do you do it?

  • It’s right before the show and your stomach is grumbling. What grub do you get?

  • What would be the best way to get to the concert?

  • The band asked YOU to help pick out a name for their new song! What do you choose?

  • You want to invite your crush to the concert with you! How do you convince them that you’re cool enough?

  • Oh boy, it’s a concert on Halloween! What’s your costume?

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