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  • Big Time Rush Quiz: Are You a James and Kendall Expert?

    While all the boys of BTR are super close, there’s no doubt that the bromance between James and Kendall make these two the perfect friends. Each has a unique personality that makes their friendship just about flawless, so why not take the quiz and find out how much you know about this dynamic duo?Take the Quiz

  • Big Time Rush Quiz: Are You a Carlos Pena Pro?

    We know Carlos as the funny, wild child on BTR, but he's got lots more layers beneath all the jokes and giggles! Find out how well you know the true Carlos with this super hard trivia quiz!Take the Quiz

  • Big Time Rush Quiz: Do You Know Logan?

    If it weren't for Logan's brains, who knows where the Big Time Rush boys would be? But how keen is YOUR knowledge of all things Logan Henderson? See if you're as brainy as this BTR boy by taking this trivia quiz!Take the Quiz

  • Big Time Rush Quiz: Are You a Rush Buff?

    Sure, you may have watched (and re-watched) Big Time Rush so much that you know every episode by heart, but how well do you know the boys when they're off the set?? Do you know their fave vaycay activity, or who the 'neat freak' of the band is? Prove that you're the ultimate BTR buff by taking this quiz!Take the Quiz

  • Big Time Rush Quiz: How Well Do You Know James Maslow?

    While you may know everything about James' character on Big Time Rush, how much do you know about James Maslow himself?! Take the quiz to find out if you are a James Genius!Take the Quiz

  • Big Time Rush Quiz: How Well Do You Know Kendall Schmidt?

    Big Time Rush front man Kendall Schmidt tears it up on the stage with his many talents and charming looks, but what's he really like outside of BTR? Find out how well you know the real Kendall Schmidt and take this quiz!Take the Quiz

  • Big Time Rush Quiz: What's Your BTR Tune?

    The BTR boys hit the charts BIG TIME with their newest album "Elevate," and whether you like to rock out on the dance floor to "Windows Down," or belt out "Music Sounds Better With U" by yourself in the shower, there's a BTR song for everyone! But if you're like us and can't decide which BTR jam is your fave, then we've got the perfect quiz to help you find out! Answer away and find out which BTR song sounds 'better with u!'Take the Quiz

  • Big Time Movie Quiz: Which BTR Spy Are You?

    The super lovable guys from Big Time Rush are going undercover as spies in a mission to save the world! But not all undercover agents think alike. If you had to rescue the planet from the hands of an evil villain, how would you lead the operation? Find out, by quizzing it now. And don't forget to catch Logan, Kendall, James, and Carlos in action in Big Time Movie!Take the Quiz

  • Big Time Rush Quiz: Which BTR Boy Would You Marry?

    Let the wedding bells ring! It's okay if you spend most of your days dreaming of strolling down the aisle in that perfect shade of white ( rom-an-tic). But before you start picking out bouquets and boutonnieres, you might wanna find yourself a groom. Well, we've got four funny, talented, and totally gorge guys who would make the perfect candidates for your big time rush to the altar. Take this quiz and find out which BTR boy YOU would marry!Take the Quiz

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