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        Quizzes | Big Time Rush Quiz: Which BTR Boy Would You Marry?

        Big Time Rush Quiz: Which BTR Boy Would You Marry?

        Let the wedding bells ring! It's okay if you spend most of your days dreaming of strolling down the aisle in that perfect shade of white ( rom-an-tic). But before you start picking out bouquets and boutonnieres, you might wanna find yourself a groom. Well, we've got four funny, talented, and totally gorge guys who would make the perfect candidates for your big time rush to the altar. Take this quiz and find out which BTR boy YOU would marry!

        Tags: big time rushcarlos penakendall schmidtjames maslow 

        • If you could describe your dream boy in one word it would be...

          • Talented
          • Gorgeous
          • Funny
          • Smart
        • When you get married, your "first dance" song will be...

          • "Worldwide"
          • "Stuck"
          • "Nothing Even Matters"
          • "Count On You"
        • What's your dream honeymoon location?

          • New Zealand
          • Los Angeles
          • Mt. Everest
          • Hawaii
        • Your dream boy will propose while...

          • At a romantic dinner
          • Singing to you on stage
          • Skydiving out of a plane
          • At a hockey game
        • Your wedding will be...

          • Romantic.
          • Packed with hundreds of guests.
          • Extreme!
          • Expensive...What? Math is my strong suit.
        • What flavor will your wedding cake be?

          • Vanilla
          • Chocolate
          • Hot Pepper...with a punch!
          • Vanilla/Chocolate Swirl
        • What will your wedding ring look like?

          • It doesn't matter, as long as the groom is perfect.
          • I'm all about the diamonds! Diamond is practically my last name...
          • One from a cereal box.
          • It will be my grandmother's old ring, passed down for generations.
        • What's the one thing that's gotta be perfect at your wedding?

          • The music
          • Your hair
          • The food
          • All of the above
        • What wedding shoes will you be wearing?

          • Sneakers
          • High heels
          • Rollerblades
          • Flip Flops
        • You've gotta give your guests something! What's inside their wedding goodie bags?

          • A red rose
          • A comb
          • A hockey puck
          • A calculator