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        Quizzes | Big Time Rush Quiz: Who's Your BTR Prom Date?

        Big Time Rush Quiz: Who's Your BTR Prom Date?

        Calling all dateless damsels in distress! Look no further. Your perfect prom date is right here! He's a hunky hero who loves to sing, dance, and get down on the dance floor. There's just one small catch, he's one of four! That's right. It's the boys of Big Time Rush. But since you can't take all four BTR boys to the big time prom (that would be WAY too unfair) we've got a quiz that'll match you up with the perfect one. Quiz it up and get ready for the prom of your life!

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        • How would you roll up to prom?

          • In a lavish limo.
          • With a bunch of friends. It's smarter to carpool.
          • On roller blades.
          • In a horse and carriage.
        • What's your must-have prom accessory?

          • My lucky comb
          • My calculator
          • My helmet
          • My beanie
        • What's your favorite big time prom jam?

          • "Boyfriend"
          • "The City Is Ours"
          • "Big Night"
          • "Nothing Even Matters"
        • You have to dine before you dance! What's on your prom dinner plate?

          • I can't eat during prom! I'll mess up my lip gloss.
          • Anything that Carlos didn't stick up his nose.
          • Corn dogs, pudding, and fruit smackers.
          • Chips and cookies
        • What do you want your prom date to wear?

          • A tuxedo
          • A tie that matches my dress perfectly.
          • A t-shirt that looks like a tuxedo.
          • I don't care. I love him no matter what he wears!
        • What's your prom photo pose?

          • Pretty
          • Serious
          • Silly
          • Romantic
        • What's your favorite prom theme?

          • "Nothing Even Matters"
          • "Under the Sea"
          • "Xtreme Prom"
          • "Red Rose Romance"
        • What are your post-prom plans??

          • I'm gonna find the closest mirror and check out my hair. Dancing can really mess with your 'do!
          • I'm going to go home and apply to medical school.
          • I'm hitting up the hockey rink.
          • "I'll get dropped off by my date, complete with an end-of-the-night smooch!
        • What do you look for most in a potential prom date?

          • Good looks
          • Brains
          • Spontaneity
          • Romance
        • What would make your prom perfect?

          • If I got named prom queen.
          • If I had the perfect date.
          • If I got through the night without getting hit in the head!
          • If the night ended with a perfect kiss.