Quizzes | Big Time Rush Quiz: How Well Do You Know James Maslow?

Big Time Rush Quiz: How Well Do You Know James Maslow?

While you may know everything about James' character on Big Time Rush, how much do you know about James Maslow himself?! Take the quiz to find out if you are a James Genius!

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  • Where was James born?

    • San Francisco, CA
    • New York, NY
    • Omaha, NE
  • What was the first show that James ever appeared in?

    • iCarly
    • True Jackson, VP
    • The Amanda Show
  • What gift did James and the other guys get when they appeared on Ellen DeGeneres?

    • Guitars
    • Micro Pigs
    • Boxer Briefs
  • What is James' favorite book?

    • Harry Potter
    • Ender's Game
    • The Lord of the Rings
  • What mountain did James hike?

    • Mount Kilimanjaro
    • Mount Williamson
    • Mount Whitney
  • How old was James when he started singing?

    • 6
    • 12
    • 16
  • What is the name of James' adorable dog?

    • Buddy
    • Fox
    • Lucy
  • What is James' favorite song from the band's first album B.T.R?

    • "Boyfriend"
    • "Halfway There"
    • "City is Ours"
  • What is the best gift that James has received for the holidays?

    • Bicycle
    • Trip to Europe
    • Snowboard
  • Which one of these has James never done?

    • Went to Hawaii
    • Been on a cruise
    • Performed in Les Misérables