Breadwinners Quizzes | Quiz: Are You Sway Sway or Buhdeuce?

Quiz: Are You Sway Sway or Buhdeuce?

Breadwinner co-pilots Sway Sway and Buhdeuce make up one of the coolest duos on the planet! Don't you wanna be just like these P-P-P-P-Party Punching dudes? Well, maybe you already are. Take this quiz to find out which one of these QUAZY Breadwinners is most like YOU!

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  • What's your signature dance move?

  • How badly do you want to be Employee of the Month?

  • When your alarm goes off at 7:00AM...

  • You find a plate of shortbread cookies with a sign clearly labeled "For Jenny!"

  • You're going on a super long road trip. How do you plan?

  • You're usually the one...

  • How awesome are you at flying the Rocket Van?

  • What's your PERFECT Friday night?

  • How much flour do you need for your BFFs birthday cake?

  • What loaf do you LOAF the most?

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