Breadwinners Quizzes | Quiz: What's Your Nick Pet?

Quiz: What's Your Nick Pet?

They cheer us up, they keep us company and they laugh at our fart jokes. From SpongeBob to Sanjay, every Nick character loves their pet! But have you ever wondered which one of these cute critters is right for you? Take this quiz to find out!

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  • What does your pet like to eat?

  • What kind of noise does your pet make?

  • Where did you find your pet?

  • What does your pet do when you're at school?

  • Uh oh, your pet's in trouble! What'd they do?

  • The best part about having a pet is...

  • How much care and attention does your pet need?

  • Other people would describe you as...

  • What kind of toys does your pet play with?

  • When other people see your pet, they say...

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