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Every Witch Way Quiz: Every Witch Way Trivia!

You've seen all the episodes, you know all the characters, and you've learned all the spells. Now it's finally time to put that knowledge to the test! If you think you're an expert on everything Every Witch Way, take this trivia quiz!

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  • What is the first thing Andi says to Emma?

  • When Emma gets frozen, Nurse Lily calls it...

  • What kind of pie did Maddie bring to the Millers' house?

  • When Nurse Lily was stuck as a monkey, Andi told her Mom she was sick with...

  • What color is the oatmeal that falls on Maddie's head?

  • What was the name on the dog bed found in Emma's house?

  • On Fridays the Panthers wear...

  • Who do the Sharks face off with at the beach ball match?

  • When Maddie increased the pitch of Daniel's voice, he was reading...

  • When Emma had flu and sneezed, what did NOT appear?

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