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Every Witch Way Quiz: Is Your Best Friend A Witch?

Do you often find strange things happening whenever you're with your BFF? If your answer is yes, your bestie might be more magical than you think. Take this quiz to find out if your best friend is actually a witch!


  • Do strange things happen when you're with your BFF?

  • What happens when your BFF is near their crush?

  • Describe how your pal gets ready in the morning:

  • When your friend gets angry, what happens?

  • How long does it take your BFF to finish their homework?

  • Be honest, has your friend ever turned you into a goat?

  • How often does your friend rhyme?

  • If your friend spills a smoothie on their shoes, what do they do?

  • Describe your friend's room:

  • How does your BFF feel about Halloween?

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