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Every Witch Way Quiz: What's Your EWW Secret Spell?

Do you ever dream about all the spells you'd cast if you had powers like Emma or Maddie? Well wake up! This Every Witch Way quiz will show you exactly which rhyme you'd chime to get what you want. Check it out!


  • Awesome! School's out and it's the first day of summer! What are you gonna do?

  • You're throwing a surprise birthday party for your BFF. What's number one on your to-do list?

  • Time to pick an elective for school. Which class is your first choice?

  • OMG! Your crush just asked you out on a date. Where will you two go?

  • Your friends love you because you're:

  • It's picture day! What are you going to wear?

  • Uh oh... your parents just grounded you. What did they take away?

  • Whoa... Maddie just turned your hair blue! What do you do?

  • Sweet! It's your night to choose dinner. What's your family cooking?

  • You just found 20 bucks on the sidewalk. Sweet! What will you buy?

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