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Every Witch Way Quiz: What's Your Iridium High Secret?

At Iridium High, just about everyone has something to hide. If you went to this school, what would your secret be? Are you actually a witch? Do you have a secret crush? Do you wish YOU were the one in charge? Or maybe you know everyone else's secrets? Take this quiz and find out!

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  • A stink bomb went off in the cafeteria! What do you do?

  • Your friend askes you to keep a big secret. What do you say?

  • You got detention! What happened?

  • In class, you're most likely...

  • What's your favorite part about Iridium High?

  • Describe you and your bestie.

  • How would you ask your crush to a school dance?

  • When you and your bestie get in a fight, it's because...

  • If someone ever learned your secret, you'd...

  • Who do you most relate to?

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