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Every Witch Way Quiz: Who's Your Iridium High BFF?

When you go to a school like Iridium high, weird stuff happens 24/7 and you need a BFF nearby to have your back. If you went this school, who would be your best pal? Take this quiz to find your perfect match!

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  • Which hobby sounds the best?

  • If you found out you were a witch, you'd want your BFF to say...

  • Describe yourself in one word.

  • After school, you're found...

  • If you were a witch, what's the first thing you'd do?

  • How does your BFF get you out of a sticky situation?

  • Where did you meet your bestie?

  • You can always count on your BFF to...

  • Your least favorite part about school is...

  • Come quick! Your bestie _____ and needs your help!

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