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The Fairly OddParents Quiz: What's Your Fairly Odd Defense?

Timmy's wish that all animals clean up after themselves has turned all of nature's critters against him in a full-on Parkcapolypse! Talk about bad luck! Think YOU know the best way to escape from this animal mania? Find out now by taking this quiz to see what your fairly odd method of defense would be!

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  • Ugh! There's smelly trash EVERYWHERE! Don't you wish people would just...

  • The squirrels are throwing nuts at you because you didn't recycle. What do you do?

  • You get to pick where your family eats for dinner! You choose:

  • The school bully steals your lunch money. You react by…

  • If there's ONE thing that makes you kick up dirt, it's....

  • You get a present for your birthday that you don’t really like. You…

  • You were picked last for your class’ dodgeball teams. You handle this by…

  • Crocker's out to give you a hard time, but you ducked just in time! Where?

  • The cafeteria is packed, but you're so hungry you could cry. What do you do?

  • Ahh rats. Sparky's gone off and crashed Dad's car again. What's your reaction?


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