Fred Quizzes | Fred Quiz : Is Your Neighbor A Vampire???

Fred Quiz : Is Your Neighbor A Vampire???

They say that home is where the heart is, but that is exactly what makes it SO SCARY and DANGEROUS! The heart is full of blood and the world is full of vampires! But you shouldn't have anything to worry about...UNLESS ONE OF THEM IS YOUR NEIGHBOR! Lock the door, chomp some garlic gum and take this quiz to find out if there's a bloodsucker in your backyard.

Tags: fred movie

  • What color are your neighbor's eyes?

  • What does he/she buy at the supermarket?

  • What is your neighbor's job?

  • What is your neighbor's favorite accessory?

  • How long does he/she spend getting ready in the morning?

  • Has your neighbor ever mentioned a vacation?

  • What drives your neighbor crazy?

  • What kind of car does your neighbor drive?

  • Does your neighbor have a warm personality?

  • Where does your neighbor spend the most time?

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