Quizzes | Fred Trivia Quiz: How Well Do You Know Fred Figglehorn?

Fred Trivia Quiz: How Well Do You Know Fred Figglehorn?

Fred mania has swept the nation and it's TOTALLY AWESOME! Test your Figglehorn knowledge with this Fred trivia quiz!

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  • What is the name of Fred's science teacher?

  • What is the final touch to Fred's Love Potion?

  • Sing it! "Getting my plan in motion, I'm gonna marry Nicolette by..."

  • Lucas Cruikshank based his very first Fred video on what holiday?

  • On his original web series, Fred ended each video by saying what?

  • Who played the original Bertha in the very first Fred The Movie?

  • In Fred the Movie 2, what was Fred going to play for his favorite music teacher, Mrs. Felson?

  • Knock knock? Whose there? Knock-knock. Um whose there?! Knock-Knock! WHO IS THERE, JUST TELL ME!

  • Derf, Fred's look-a-like friend, appears only in:

  • Judy, Fred's first love, is actually a famous singer from

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