Fred Quizzes | Fred The Show Quiz: Who's Your IWannaPeePee Pal?

Fred The Show Quiz: Who's Your IWannaPeePee Pal?

While Camp IWannaPeePee may not be as luxurious as Camp Superior, Fred meets four friends to prove that camp's more than waterslides and games. If you went to Camp IWannaPeePee who would you bunk with? Take the quiz to find your IWannaPeePee pal!

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  • What is your number one special talent?

  • Who's your favorite camper?

  • What is the best word that describes you?

  • Which camp game would you play?

  • What would be your role in a song-writing contest?

  • What do you do when it's time to say bye to your camp pals?

  • What is your favorite thing about the Rat Hole?

  • What is your favorite activity at camp?

  • If your best friend came to you with a problem what would you do?

  • Will you be returning to Camp IWannaPeePee?

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