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Haunted Hathaways Quizzes | Haunted Hathaways Quiz: Are You Ready To Scare?

Haunted Hathaways Quiz: Are You Ready To Scare?

Even awesome ghosts like Louie need to study up on their spooking every now and then, but have YOU been doing your ghosting homework? We hope so, 'cause it's time to test your scaring smarts! Take this pop quiz on all things ghostly and let's see if you know how to haunt!

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  • Pick the best hiding spot:

  • What do you yell when you scare someone?

  • Which costume is the scariest?

  • The most important part about spooking is...

  • How long should hide before you pop out at someone?

  • Which accessory makes best ghosting tool?

  • Non-ghosts can only see you if...

  • If a non-ghost sees you, what should you do?

  • If you see a ghost exterminator, you should...

  • A ghost should NEVER...

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