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Haunted Hathaways Quizzes | Haunted Hathaways Quiz: Could You Make The Scare Team?

Haunted Hathaways Quiz: Could You Make The Scare Team?

Think you have what it takes to make the scare team? Take this quiz and find out if you're an all-star at scaring or if you're more suited for the boo bench. Try outs start now!

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  • How many times a day do you scare your family members?

  • Last Halloween, you dressed as...

  • It's your BFF's b-day! What do you give them as a gift?

  • When you go to amusement parks, you go straight to the...

  • If you ever saw a ghost, you'd...

  • The time you were the most scared EVER was...

  • What's the most important part about scaring?

  • If you lived with the Haunted Hathaways, where would you hang out?

  • Which activity sounds the most fun?

  • When you hear the word "ghost," you think...

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