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Haunted Hathaways Quiz: What's Your Ghost Power?

The Prestons have a variety of awesome and spooky powers, but have you ever wondered what talents you would have as a ghost? Take this quiz find out if you're a master of invisibility, a pro at possession, a levitation expert, or even a teleportation whiz!


  • You've always wanted to be able to...

  • People have said you can be a little...

  • It's time for your favorite TV show and you're running late! How do you get home in time?

  • You got stuck in detention! What's your ghostly escape plan?

  • What's the best part about being a ghost?

  • If you lost your best pal in a crowd, how would you use your spooky senses to find them?

  • If humans moved into your house, how would you scare them out?

  • You're in school and you have pop quiz! How will your spookiness help?

  • Your perfect ghost-job would be...

  • There's a bunch of freshly baked pies on the counter and a delivery man walking through the door. What do you do?

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