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  • Do You Speak Anubis?

    Do you know an amulet from an acolyte? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of House of Anubis lingo!Take the Quiz

  • House of Anubis: Who's Your Study Buddy?

    It's time to take a break from hunting mysterious puzzle pieces and start hitting the books! Tests are right around the corner, but we know the key to perking up a study session is having the perfect study buddy. Is yours the ultra-brainy Mara, or perhaps the always optimistic Willow? Take this quiz to see which character is the perfect study pal for you!Take the Quiz

  • House of Anubis Quiz: Who's Your Anubis Roomie?

    Who you get paired up with in the Anubis House can definitely make or break your experience there. Your roomie has to be someone who you get along with; when you're solving mysteries, you need a good night's sleep after all! BUT, if you're too similar, life gets boring. Take this quiz to find out which HOA member is the roomie for you!Take the Quiz

  • House of Anubis Quiz: Which Anubis Guy Is Right For You?

    Have you ever wondered which boy in the Anubis house would be your perfect date? Maybe it's the brave Osirian Eddie, or the cheery and lovable Alfie! Well guess no more, and get ready to find out now by taking this super crushy quiz!Take the Quiz

  • House of Anubis Quiz: Which Anubis Villain Are You?

    Sibuna has to contend with tons of obstacles and challenges in their quests to figure out the mysteries of the House of Anubis. Everyone likes to be bad sometimes, so take this quiz to figure out which baddie you would be on HOA!Take the Quiz

  • House of Anubis Quiz: Who's Your Sibuna BFF?

    Ever wondered who you'd be tracking down clues with if you lived in Anubis? Well, now that Sibuna is taking on a whole new look, things are bound to get pretty interesting! See who you'll be siding with when all the new mysteries unravel by taking this fun quiz. Your Sibuna bestie awaits you!Take the Quiz

  • House of Anubis Trivia Quiz: Know Your HOA Artifacts!

    When you're out trying to solve ancient Egyptian mysteries like Sibuna does, you need to be sharp! Take this quiz to find out just how much you know about the House of Anubis' clues and artifacts!Take the Quiz

  • Who's Your Anubis Bestie?

    Have you ever wondered which House of Anubis member you'd get along with best? Solve the mystery by taking this quiz!Take the Quiz

  • HOA Trivia Quiz: Could You Join Sibuna?

    Are you the ultimate House of Anubis fan? Think you know everything about Fabina, Sibuna and the mysteries that around the Anubis House? Well, get ready to take THE ultimate HOA trivia quiz and see if you're suited to join the most exclusive (and scary) club around.Take the Quiz

  • House of Anubis Quiz: Which HOA Couple Are You?

    If you were shipped off to boarding school and thrown into a whirlwind of puzzling mysteries and hidden clues, you'd need a beau by your side that you know you can trust. But which Sibuna romance matches most with the spark between you and your crush? Find out by taking this quiz, now!Take the Quiz

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