Quizzes | House of Anubis Quiz: Which Anubis Guy Is Right For You?

House of Anubis Quiz: Which Anubis Guy Is Right For You?

Have you ever wondered which boy in the Anubis house would be your perfect date? Maybe it's the brave Osirian Eddie, or the cheery and lovable Alfie! Well guess no more, and get ready to find out now by taking this super crushy quiz!

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  • Your ideal crush is...

    • Nice and compassionate
    • Attractive and adventurous
    • Not afraid to take risks
    • Always making you laugh
  • What's your idea of the perfect date?

    • A romantic dinner and a movie
    • Going to a party together
    • Going to a sports game together
    • Going to a comedy show
  • Which song best describes how you'd want to feel with your date?

    • "Never Let Me Down" by Jennette McCurdy
    • "You're The Reason" by Victoria Justice
    • "Adored" by Miranda Cosgrove
    • "Hey You" by Miranda Cosgrove
  • If I got a call from my crush, I'd want him to say...

    • "You looked great today!"
    • "I miss you!"
    • "Are you free to hang out later?"
    • "What do you call a cow with no legs?"
  • Which is most important to you?

    • Being honest
    • Good looks
    • Figuring out mysteries
    • Having fun
  • I would best describe myself as..

    • A hopeless romantic
    • A very curious person
    • Adventurous
    • Very positive
  • It's important for my crush to...

    • Defend me
    • Treat me like I'm special
    • Try to protect me
    • Make me smile when I'm sad
  • If you got into an argument with your date, you would...

    • Try to end the argument early and not ruin the rest of the date
    • Try to compromise by apologizing to each other
    • Continue because I'm determined to win
    • Wait for my date to apologize first
  • I prefer to spend my free time...

    • Reading or studying at home
    • Scheming with my closest friends
    • Playing games and solving puzzles
    • Watching comedy films
  • On my birthday, I'd want my special guy to get me...

    • Something home-made or unique
    • Red roses and chocolates
    • A cute necklace
    • A cute stuffed animal that sings