Quizzes | House of Anubis Quiz: Which Anubis Villain Are You?

House of Anubis Quiz: Which Anubis Villain Are You?

Sibuna has to contend with tons of obstacles and challenges in their quests to figure out the mysteries of the House of Anubis. Everyone likes to be bad sometimes, so take this quiz to figure out which baddie you would be on HOA!

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  • If you were a villain, what would you want the most?

    • To be all powerful.
    • To live forever.
    • Riches!
  • You hateĀ…

    • Detention, being trapped stinks!
    • Losing a game!
    • Being pranked or tricked!
  • What type of music do you like?

    • Oldies... I mean real old!
    • Anything that's super popular.
    • Everything! Except that one song...
  • In your spare time you like to...

    • Collect things.
    • Act!
    • Learn new information.
  • You don't want...

    • To be forgotten.
    • To get old.
    • To be found out.
  • How do you cause trouble for the Sibuna gang?

    • Manipulation!
    • Fooling them.
    • Clever spells.
  • You're happy when...

    • I'm free!
    • I get what I want.
    • Everything goes according to plan.
  • People would describe you as...

    • Mysterious.
    • Vengeful.
    • Determined.
  • Most people don't know that...

    • I have a secret identity.
    • I'm related to someone famous!
    • There are two sides to me!
  • Which would you rather do on your day off?

    • Go to a museum, I'm interested in artifacts.
    • Go to karaoke, I love the spotlight.
    • Go to an acting class, being other people is fun!