Quizzes | House of Anubis Quiz: Who's Your Sibuna BFF?

House of Anubis Quiz: Who's Your Sibuna BFF?

Ever wondered who you'd be tracking down clues with if you lived in Anubis? Well, now that Sibuna is taking on a whole new look, things are bound to get pretty interesting! See who you'll be siding with when all the new mysteries unravel by taking this fun quiz. Your Sibuna bestie awaits you!

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  • If there were a new classmate at my school, I would

    • Be a little suspicious. No one can be trusted that easily
    • Treat her like a friend. After all, she needs to feel welcome
    • Leave her alone. I've already got too many things on my mind
    • Sing her a welcome song!
  • If my best friend were in serious danger, I would

    • Reach out to anyone for help
    • Talk to the people closest to me and figure out a solution
    • Keep it a secret and try to solve the problem on my own
    • Use telepathic communication to save them
  • If my friends were to describe me in one word, it would be

    • Sneaky
    • Kind
    • Secretive
    • Weird
  • I can't go a day without

    • Making fun of at least one person
    • Helping someone in need
    • Trying to unravel a mystery
    • Meditating to the sound of seals
  • If you got upset over something your bff did, you would

    • Try to ignore them as much as possible
    • Try to get over it and be nice
    • Be really bitter when I'm around him/her
    • Pretend nothing happened and stay positive
  • During my summer vacation, I would

    • Travel to a new country
    • Spend quality time with my family
    • Do something exciting and adventurous
    • Learn to sew clothes from silkworm saliva
  • What annoys you the most?

    • When people are dishonest with me
    • When people dig into my personal life
    • When I lose really important things
    • When people argue with me
  • If you're working on a really boring school project, you'd say¬Ö

    • "I'd rather pull my hair out!"
    • "I can get through this! I just have to stay positive!"
    • "This is so boring, but I need to get it over with."
    • "This would be more fun if I wrote a folk song about it!"
  • Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I

    • Get really annoyed and impatient
    • Do things that will cheer me up
    • Keep to myself and try to stay calm
    • I'm never in a bad mood!
  • If my friend starts ignoring me all of a sudden, I would

    • Get angry and demand an explanation
    • Avoid a fight and apologize right away
    • Calmly talk to them to see what went wrong
    • Suggest playing a fun board game