Quizzes | House of Anubis Quiz: Who's Your Anubis Roomie?

House of Anubis Quiz: Who's Your Anubis Roomie?

Who you get paired up with in the Anubis House can definitely make or break your experience there. Your roomie has to be someone who you get along with; when you're solving mysteries, you need a good night's sleep after all! BUT, if you're too similar, life gets boring. Take this quiz to find out which HOA member is the roomie for you!

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  • On any given day, you're...

    • Eating. A lot.
    • Reading or studying for the next test
    • Hanging out with friends
    • Sleeping in
  • How do you like to decorate your room?

    • Edgy, I like things that stick out
    • With things that tell a story
    • Posters of sports teams or musicians
    • Simple, I'm a minimalist
  • When it comes to school, you...

    • Like to relax. Homework? What's that?
    • Study hard
    • Make friends with my classmates
    • Cause mischief and annoy teachers
  • People describe you as...

    • Nerdy
    • Silly or goofy
    • Stubborn
    • A troublemaker
  • What's a bad habit you have?

    • I'm always joking around and never serious
    • I get mad easily!
    • I don't like to follow rules...
    • I'm too nice!
  • When it comes to solving mysteries, you...

    • Ask friends for help
    • Learn about the problem until I find an answer
    • Look for clues
    • Try everything until something works
  • You don't like people who...

    • Cheat or are dishonest
    • Are too high-strung
    • Are disrespectful
    • Are boring
  • You're really good at...

    • Pulling pranks
    • Learning new things
    • Uncovering mysteries
    • Overcoming obstacles
  • When you first meet someone, you...

    • Start chatting and become fast friends
    • Carefully size them up
    • Give them the benefit of the doubt
    • Usually dislike them at first
  • You get along with...

    • Someone who can hold an intelligent conversation
    • Anyone with a sense of humor!
    • People who don't like nonsense
    • People who are reliable!