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House of Anubis Quiz: Which HOA Couple Are You?

If you were shipped off to boarding school and thrown into a whirlwind of puzzling mysteries and hidden clues, you'd need a beau by your side that you know you can trust. But which Sibuna romance matches most with the spark between you and your crush? Find out by taking this quiz, now!

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  • How did you and your crush meet?

  • What's your dream date?

  • When you and your crush hang out, you like to...

  • What's your pet peeve?

  • You just got a text from your crush. What does it say?

  • In the yearbook, you were voted...

  • Every couple has a song. What's yours?

  • How does your style compare to your BF/GF's?

  • When you see your crush, you...

  • When you fight with your bf/gf, how do they apologize?

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