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House of Anubis Quiz: Who's Your Sibuna BFF?

Ever wondered who you'd be tracking down clues with if you lived in Anubis? Well, now that Sibuna is taking on a whole new look, things are bound to get pretty interesting! See who you'll be siding with when all the new mysteries unravel by taking this fun quiz. Your Sibuna bestie awaits you!

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  • If there were a new classmate at my school, I would

  • If my best friend were in serious danger, I would

  • If my friends were to describe me in one word, it would be

  • I can't go a day without

  • If you got upset over something your bff did, you would

  • During my summer vacation, I would

  • What annoys you the most?

  • If you're working on a really boring school project, you'd say…

  • Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I

  • If my friend starts ignoring me all of a sudden, I would


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