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        Quizzes | HOA Trivia Quiz: Could You Join Sibuna?

        HOA Trivia Quiz: Could You Join Sibuna?

        Are you the ultimate House of Anubis fan? Think you know everything about Fabina, Sibuna and the mysteries that around the Anubis House? Well, get ready to take THE ultimate HOA trivia quiz and see if you're suited to join the most exclusive (and scary) club around.

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        • Where does Nina hide the cup of Ankh?

          • In the attic
          • In the dollhouse
          • In the cellar
          • Under her bed
        • Victor finds a doll in the attic. Which of the follow phrases does the doll NOT say?

          • Water, and life and tears of gold
          • Hidden in the book of old
          • Lift the wings to find the book
          • Where Anubis guards night and day
        • Jerome's affectionate nickname for his sister is:

          • Pops
          • Poopy
          • Popster
          • Weasel
        • How does the spirit brand Sibuna with the jackal image?

          • By scaring them
          • In their dreams
          • By cursing them
          • By talking to them
        • What is Victor desperately looking for?

          • Book of Isis
          • Mask of Anubis
          • Cup of Ankh
          • Another chosen one
        • Which god marks the 2nd task on the map of tunnels?

          • Thoth
          • Anubis
          • Isis
          • Sobek
        • What is the secret code to enter the hidden room in the cellar?

          • 1829
          • 1890
          • 1880
          • 1870
        • Vera shows up at the House of Anubis with what tucked under her arm?

          • A stuffed dog
          • A replica of the cup of Ankh
          • The Book of Isis
          • A stuffed cat
        • What is the name of the band Eddie hires for the ball?

          • Metal Fever
          • Metallic Horns
          • Drums of Metal
          • Horns of Metal
        • What did Alfie say when Amber yelled at him about wearing a mask to the ball?

          • "I'm sorry Ams! But it's funny."
          • "Frankenstein is the scientist. Not the monster."
          • "Where is YOUR mask?!"
          • "Frankenstein is the coolest!"