Quizzes | House of Anubis Trivia Quiz: Know Your HOA Artifacts!

House of Anubis Trivia Quiz: Know Your HOA Artifacts!

When you're out trying to solve ancient Egyptian mysteries like Sibuna does, you need to be sharp! Take this quiz to find out just how much you know about the House of Anubis' clues and artifacts!

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  • Which of these animals is NOT on an amulet?

    • A horse
    • An ibis
    • A spider
  • The eye of Horus is on…

    • Nina's necklace
    • Amber's bracelet
    • Patricia's earring
  • The Elixir of Life…

    • Grants immortality
    • Revives the dead
    • Allows you to travel to the past
  • The real Mask of Anubis was found…

    • In the attic
    • In the tunnels
    • In the library
  • How many chapters are in the Book of Isis?

    • 17 chapters
    • 9 chapters
    • 13 chapters
  • The Mask of Anubis cries tears of…

    • Gold
    • Gems
    • Pearls
  • The Cup of Ankh can be formed…

    • once every 25 years
    • once every 50 years
    • once every 20 years
  • Nina, the Chosen One, was born on…

    • July 7th at 7:00AM
    • January 9th at 9:00AM
    • August 8th at 8:00PM
  • The Cup of Ankh was originally split into how many pieces?

    • 5 pieces
    • 3 pieces
    • 7 pieces
  • The clue found inside of Corbierre read…

    • "End"
    • "Yes"
    • "No"