Quizzes | How Cold Are You?

How Cold Are You?

Are you cold-hearted? This quiz will check how icy it's getting up in there.

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  • You see a baby bird with an injured wing in front of your house. You:

  • Would you dump someone the day before his/her birthday?

  • Someone from school sends you a text asking you out, but you're not attracted to him/her at all. You'll probably:

  • You're walking down an icy sidewalk. Someone in front of you is on crutches, carrying a large shopping bag -- a slow mover who takes up lots of space. You:

  • You and a friend are hanging out together at your house, when he/she says, "I feel kinda funny," and vomits all over your favorite sweatshirt. What do you do first?

  • How are things with your friends?

  • You're watching a TV movie about a teenage hiker who gets lost in the woods on a cold winter day, when you get the feeling it's not going to have a happy ending. You:


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