iCarly Quizzes | iCarly Quiz: What's Your iCarly Snack?

iCarly Quiz: What's Your iCarly Snack?

Having a snack attack?! First things first. You've gotta pick your grub of choice! Are you in the mood for a colossal triple-decker hamwich (one of Sam Puckett's all time favorites)? Or maybe you're craving a delicious drink, courtesy of the Groovy Smoothie. Well, if you just can't decide what food to fuel up on before you hit the floor for random dancing, then we've got the perfect solution. Take this quiz now to find which iCarly snack fits you (and your appetite)!

Tags: icarlyMiranda Cosgrovenathan kressjerry trainorjennette mccurdynoah munck

  • You're on a date, and you get to pick the restaurant! What's your choice?

  • What's your favorite cuisine?

  • If you had a safe, what would you keep inside?

  • What's your greatest accomplishment?

  • Everything tastes better with...

  • Who's your favorite iCarly character?

  • When does hunger strike?

  • Your favorite meal of the day is...

  • You want to make a snack. How do you prepare your meal?

  • What's your bad eating habit?

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