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        Quizzes | iCarly Quiz: What Kind of iCarly Fan Are You?

        iCarly Quiz: What Kind of iCarly Fan Are You?

        iCarly fans come in all shapes, heights, ages, hairdos and shoe sizes. But there's one thing they ALL have in common. They're totally nuts! So, if you're an iCarly super fan, the whole world already knows that you stay home from school on Freddie's birthday, crave ice cream sandwich ottomans, and build Sam sculptures out of trash and pillows. The only question left to answer is...How totally iCarly cuckoo are you?!

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        • If you had to create your own iCarly segment what would it be?

          • Balloon animal tricks with a 75-year-old clown
          • A half hour discussion of Freddie's eyes
          • How to bake cookies shaped like your best friend's face
          • A fierce rap battle...Me versus the iCarly crew.
        • You're throwing a party, what's a must have?

          • Mad libs
          • The guest of honor, Freddie Benson
          • Fladoodles
          • My mother's delicious olive spread
        • What's your favorite animal?

          • Chickens are adorable!
          • I prefer puppies
          • Definitely the duck
          • My pick is porcupine
        • What's your favorite Groovy Smoothie menu item?

          • Tacos on a stick
          • Strawberry Splat
          • Blueberry Bang
          • Creamed Corn
        • What is your favorite iCarly bit?

          • 100 Cartons Of Milk On The Wall
          • Tech Time With Freddie
          • Messin' With Lewbert
          • I can't stand iCarly bits
        • If you could ask the iCarly kids one favor, what would it be?

          • Make me popular!
          • Take me on a super cute date ;-)
          • Be my best friends 4-eva!
          • Please cancel your webshow
        • What's your catchphrase?

          • "Best night ever!"
          • "I am too busy writing love letters"
          • "Here it comes agaaainnn"
          • "You'll RUE the day!"
        • Name one thing you dislike intensely.

          • Being alone
          • Gibby Gibson
          • Nevel Papperman
          • Disgusting germs
        • What is your ultimate dream?

          • To have awesome parties all the time with lots of friends
          • To be Freddie's girlfriend
          • To be on iCarly
          • To own a men's clothing store
        • If you saw Carly on the street, what would you do?

          • Jump, scream, cry, vomit, repeat
          • Look behind her... WHERE'S FREDDIE?!?!
          • HUG and NEVER let her go
          • Try to kiss her before she gets away